The Nest
ist ein Programm zur Prävention
und zur Wiedereingliederung für Kinder in Not
und deren inhaftierter Mütter in Kenia.

Hand in Hand

Ihre Unterstützung
sichert die Zukunft der Kinder.
Infos wie Sie helfen können, finden Sie hier.

The Nest program reaches out to prevent the children of imprisoned mothers from fighting for survival on the streets. We rescue affected children and improve their living conditions during the imprisonment of their mothers. We rehabilitate and later reintegrate them and their released mothers with their extended families and society at large. We also work to create public awareness about the plight of children whose mothers are imprisoned for petty offenses.

Currently we have three locations where our clients find shelter.

Our children’s home is located in Limuru approx. 20kms from Nairobi. This is where up to 90 children aged 3-18 are cared for.

Our Halfway House near Runda in the suburbs of Nairobi provides emergency accommodation for up to 10 mothers with young children upon their release from prison.
Just around the corner from our Halfway House is The Nest Baby village. This is were we give abandoned babies a home until they move on to a family of their own or until they are old enough to join our children’s home.

The Nest is registered as a Charitable Trust in Kenya since 1997. The program is not affiliated with any organization but depends entirely on private donations from within Kenya and friends abroad.

The Nest Childrens Home

Children´s Home

The Nest Halfway House

Halfway House

The Nest Baby Village

Nest Baby Village

The Nest Childrens Portrait