The Nest
is a Project for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Integration of Children in Conflict with the Law & Children of Imprisoned Mothers.

Nest Baby Village

nest baby village the nest africa

The Nest Baby Village was officially opened in 2014. It accomodates up to 25 abandoned or vulnerable babies aged 0-2 years. The babies receive loving care in a baby friendly environment. The home is surrounded by ancient trees and lush vegetation with direct access to a little playground. A qualified nurse is on duty througout the day. In case medical treatment is required the babies are cared for professionally either by our nurse or a doctor.

Our aim is to reintegrate the babies into their extended family which requires our social worker’s efforts and can be quite a challenge. A number of children are open for adoption into Kenyan families. The minority of children will transfer to our children’s home in Limuru after they have reached the age of 2 years.

the nest baby village kenya
the nest baby village kenya
the nest baby village kenya