The Nest
is a Project for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Integration of Children in Conflict with the Law & Children of Imprisoned Mothers.



May 24


Our new Half-Way House: this was just the beginning!

Water, everywhere water!

10 days ago we evacuated our 13 teenage-mothers & their infants and 5 pregnant girls to our old Half-Way House. There they sleep in the hall on the floor. The house is damaged by the earth movement of the construction site, the roof is no longer stable, and there is no water supply, but at least it is dry and safe from flooding..
These are some of the reasons why our new Half-Way House if affected.

  1. Right next to our property there is a hotel, Somerset Rosslyn by Eris Properties, under construction. It is being built right on top of the seasonal stream and what used to be the only water catchment area of our estate. The little stream is now a fierce river!
  2. 5 years ago on a former farm land a giant shopping mall and entertainment park were opened on the other side of our old Half-Way House. Their sewerage plant was erected just at our fence. When they release their thousands of liter grey water on top of their storm water – masses of water end up at our premises.
  3. Even though we have been alerting the relevant authorities that the 60 years old bridge, that supposed to cater for smooth flow of the river, can no longer cope with this influx of water there was no reaction. Getting the permit to at least stabilise the river bank next to it to stop erosion was real hard work.
  4. El Nino!
    We did what we were able to do at our own cost: the new Half-Way House is built on pillars, we fixed the river bank next to the bridge and pay workers to keep it clean and free of debris, we fixed the river banks next to our new house, and where the water enters from the surrounding constructions, we employed watchmen who monitor the river flow, just in case the bridge gets blocked.
    In general we thank GOD that we only lost class room equipment, kitchen utensils and food stuff, but so far no one was injured!!


Mar 24



Jan 24

“Christus mansionem benedicat” which means “God bless this house”

The 3 wise men: the NEST Children perform the nativity at our local church and wish you the best for 2024!                                                  


Oct 23

Our newborns

We not only have newborn babys but also an one week old baby sheep.


Aug 23


Our girls are happy and in celebration mood! The 1. round of Lessons in Legal Education, Nutrition, Child-care and basic Economics is done!

We thank our lecturers from the Rotary Club Gigiri and their supporters!

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