The Nest
is a Project for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Integration of Children in Conflict with the Law & Children of Imprisoned Mothers.



Jan 21

New Year’s blessings at the NEST!

We urgently need to construct at least 2 rooms for quarantine. Currently we cannot admit children or women. We only have facilities for newborns. Sadly, we have to turn away so many emergency cases.


Dec 20

Happy new year!


Dec 20

Merry Christmas!

Special Thanks & blessings to all our sponsors, volunteers & donors who helped us so much through this year of 2020!


Oct 20


Our girls have fun in their sewing class! And the result is as good as a fashion show! They have been quite creative!

A big “thank you” to the donor of our sewing machines and friends who help us with maintaining them!


Oct 20

“Jerusalema” Dance Challenge @ The Nest Children’s Home

Bound by the pandemic this year, people from around the world now also have something more joyful in common: a hit song and a dance with deeply South African roots. The Nest is also taking part in the challenge. See more on youtube:


Jul 20

Home Schooling…

….can be fun! And puts fresh food on the table!
When all the older children are at boarding school there is hardly time for teaching them at least basic agriculture. Now we have all the time of the world and as one can see the children enjoy the subject!


May 20


It is the first mother’s day celebration for our girls at the HWH. We had juice and biscuits and fun!
Our youngest expectant mom is only 12 years old and the oldest is 17. Each girl has her own sad story but together we can make it into a better future!


May 20


Because most street vendors and informal small businesses have lost their income due to the curfew, more and more calls for help from “former” mothers reach us.

That is why we started issuing grocery packages last week. Not an easy task, because we have to meet the mothers somewhere on the side of the road, because you can only get into the slums on foot and because we have to be careful not to arouse envy or even hostility from our neighbours.
Our social workers can only speak to the mothers from inside the car to avoid any risk of infection.
We thank all our friends who made this aid package offer possible!


Apr 20

Happy Easter!