The Nest
is a Project for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Integration of Children in Conflict with the Law & Children of Imprisoned Mothers.



Oct 19

We are ONE!

The NEST-children love to play football. And so do the children from the surrounding village. They play frequently and with enthusiasm! Then they are ONE, the children from around and the children from the Home! And many of them dream the same dream: to one day be a famous football player!



Sep 19

Outside our gate!

… we found a newborn right in front of the entrance. It was dark, cold and rainy. But now the little one is doing well with us.


Apr 19

Happy Easter!

The NEST Project’s Team and the Children wish all our friends a Happy Easter!

Thank you so much for your support!


Mar 19

Goat twins II

As promised earlier, we have more pictures of the goat twins. They grow and grow and are very active.


Feb 19

Bridget, Carol and Michelle

As soon as there is space, new babies are coming to the NEST.
The first picture is showing Bridget, Carol and Michelle (left to right) when they arrived. Half a year ago, they had been given to another children’s home, because their mother was convicted of child neglect.
Although already two years old, Carol can not sit or hold her head by herself. Furthermore, she had an infection of the middle ear. After only three month at the NEST, she has improved a lot. Daily training and a lot of love help her to overcome the development deficit.
Latest achievement: She can sit own her own and gets interested in toys. And the best is: she has learned to laugh!
Are you interested how the story continues? News follows soon.


Feb 19

A new baby

This baby came to us last night from a police station. It was picked up by a 10 year old girl from the trash. It lay in a carton box and was surrounded by three cats. The cats made a lot of noise and that is how the girl found the baby.



Jan 19

Library cleanup

The Nest has a very nice library that contains more than 2,000 books about all different topics and for all age groups. The library has now been cleaned and the books have been sorted by age group. Furthermore, a lending system has been introduced. The older kids can under supervision of a staff member borrow books any time. Then, they have to bring the books back on their own authority.


Jan 19

Going for a hike

The older kids are going on a hiking and camping trip. On the first day, the kids spent time at the “Kipipiri Forest”, which belongs to the “Aberdare” mountain range. After a rainy (night) hike, the kids are going to “Mt. Longonot” next day. They stay for two nights, enjoy the sunshine and the stunning view at the top of the volcano.


Dec 18

Merry Christmas!

The NEST Project’s Team and the Children wish all our friends a Merry Christmas! 

Your support during 2018 made us strong! Thank you so much!